Solar Panels: Could They Work For Your Roof?

a picture of solar panels on the roof

In our environmentally-focused world, we are always be trying to discover new ways to utilise our natural resources for the better. Solar panels, despite having been around since the 1950’s, have only recently cemented their place within mainstream communities as a way to naturally generate large volumes of energy.

Below, AJ Scutchings & Son has tried to break down exactly what solar panels are, their environmental advantages, and how their presence on your roof could affect your day-to-day life.

What are solar panels?
A solar panel electricity system is designed to absorb light in order to generate electricity. They are environmentally friendly, and can be utilised domestically when secured to the rooftop of any house. Solar panels can even be used in the UK, despite the lack of sun!

Why are they environmentally friendly?
Solar panels are environmentally friendly, because the electricity generated can be fed directly into your home supply, ready for use. As the biggest light source available to everyone, it is no wonder that the sun is the most important component when it comes to solar panel systems. It is undeniably a costly way to reduce your carbon footprint in the short term, but the results can be great and your energy bill will thank you for the chance in the long run.

How would a solar panel affect my roof?
Generally, with every installation of a solar panel electricity system, a lifetime guarantee will be given. This is fantastic if your roof is fairly new, but if your roof hasn’t been inspected in a while, it may be best to consider updating your roofing structure before committing to solar panels. Should you choose to install solar panels, there will be minimal roof penetrations, making it very unlikely that leakage could happen. When installed, the solar panels are raised slightly away from the tiles of the roof, making sure that excess water or debris cannot get stuck between the roof and the panel.

Ultimately, installing solar panels is a big commitment. You should ensure that your roof is in prime condition before you consider the installation of a solar panel electricity system.

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