Roof Restoration in Stevenage

AJ Scutchings and Sons is a leading industry specialist in roof restoration. All of our project work is implemented without any sub-contractors. Our enthusiastic and trusted team will have a great eye for spotting details and likely faults for your property in Stevenage. We will make sure to fix poorly designed and incorrect roof work back to British Standard Specifications, which is why our customers are always happy with the work we do: check out our testimonials page to read comments from our customers.

A Roof Restoration Service to Add Value to Your Stevenage Property

Our teams understand the frustration of having an unattractive roof, which can seem to take away value from your property. This is why our roof restoration service is important for resolving any issues and improving the visual quality of your property. If you have an older building in Stevenage, then it can also be a great way to add colour and style to your roofing.

Compliant with British Standards

At AJ Scutchings and Son, all of our roof restoration work complies with high British Standards. We work with the finest quality materials and use professional construction methods. This has led us to work with private schools, churches, newly built projects, and stately homes for the past 35 years in Stevenage and the surrounding areas.

Tailored to You

Our experienced team are here to listen and focus on your individual needs when it comes to your Stevenage roofing project. This is why you can book an on-site assessment with us, and we can carry out an inspection of the likely faults in your roof.

Get in Touch for Your Project in Stevenage

If you are tired of having an old, unattractive, and worn-out roof, then why not give us a call on 07778 188 952? Our friendly team can assist you with your roof project in more detail. Our Stevenage customers can also reach us by filling out our quick contact form.

We are just a short drive away from Stevenage, with our headquarters being less than an hour away on the A1 This places us perfectly to be able to deal with a range of roofing projects for your business, home or property in the area. Furthermore, we have the scope to service the wider Hertfordshire area, so it’s always worth enquiring with us.

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