Roof Restoration in Kensington and Chelsea

A renowned business in the industry and a specialist in roof restoration is AJ Scutchings and Sons. None of our projects are carried out by subcontractors. Our devoted and trustworthy team will be attentive to detail and watch out for any potential issues with your Kensington and Chelsea property. Our customers are always happy with the work we do because we take care to correct improperly constructed and inaccurate roof work back to British Standard Standards. Visit our testimonials page to see consumer reviews.

A Roof Restoration Service to Add Value to Your Kensington and Chelsea Property

Our teams are aware of how annoying it can be to have a roof that looks bad and may appear to lower the value of your house. We advise employing our roof restoration service to take care of any issues and improve the outside design of your house. It might also be a great way to add colour and character to the rooftop of an old Kensington and Chelsea building.

Compliant with British Standards

At AJ Scutchings and Son, we strictly adhere to British Standards while restoring roofs. We make use of the finest materials and expert construction methods. This has allowed us to work with private schools, churches, newly developed projects, and opulent homes in Kensington and Chelsea and the surrounding area for the past 35 years.

Tailored to You

Our skilled crew is ready to listen to you and focus on your unique demands when it comes to your Kensington and Chelsea roofing project. In order for us to inspect your roof for potential issues, you may schedule an on-site examination with us.

Get in Touch for Your Project in Kensington and Chelsea

If you’re tired of your old, ugly, worn-out roof, why not give us a call at 07778 188 952? Our friendly staff can provide you with more detailed assistance with your roofing project. Consumers in Kensington and Chelsea can also get in touch with us by filling out our brief contact form.

We are in the perfect position to undertake a range of roofing services for your place of business, home, or other property nearby. Contacting us is always worthwhile because we can provide services to a wide range of locations.

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