Roof Restoration in Bedford

Are you located in Bedford and looking for roof restoration services at a great price? AJ Scutchings and Son can help. Our fully trained team can fix all of your roof problems, from a leaking roof to damp patches. We look at every aspect of roof restoration, including guttering, dormers, and flashings. All of our work is conducted by us, so we can guarantee that the roof restoration service you receive is of a high standard.

Here at AJ Scutchings and Son, we have been a trusted business for over 35 years. Our passionate team of experts has experience in many types of roof restoration projects, including churches, private schools, stately homes, and newly built premises. We have also worked with professional architects on modern, contemporary projects, all throughout Bedford.

As leading roof specialists, our team has experience working with all types of roof materials. Our roof restoration services can add value to your property in Bedford, helping your premises to sell quicker in the future. We can guarantee that our roof restoration services will leave your roof in Bedford looking fresh and eye-catching. Our work has been made to last longer, saving you time and money. To avoid any severe roof damage in the long run, our dedicated team are here to fix these problems as soon as possible.

As part of our roofing services, all of our materials and construction practices comply with British Standard Specifications. We will make sure to carry out our roofing work to a high quality standard for your project in Bedford. Our roof restoration work will transform your older looking roof to a more contemporary style and colour.


If you would like to discuss how we can meet your personal needs with a member of our dedicated team, then please directly call us on 07778 188 952. Alternatively, you can fill out our easy contact form, which can be found on our contact page

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