How to Hang Your Outdoor Christmas Lights: 4 Steps to Hanging Lights from Your Roof

A photo of a house with christmas lights hanging from the roof at night. Family are outside

It’s that time of year again and the Christmas build up is well under way. With so much to organise, from a roast dinner with all the trimmings to presents for the in-laws, get yourself ahead of the game and prepare to hang your outdoor Christmas lights with useful tips from us at AJ Scutchings & Son. The Hertfordshire area always puts on a fantastic display of festive lights, and we’re sure this year will be no exception!


Before you start, take a step back and look at your house front. Try to find a focal point to work from – for example, this can be a porch or some columns that frame the doorway. Measure your roofline or any eaves you may be using as a guide for your lights. Once measured, be sure to check you have enough light length before you begin.


This may seem obvious, but every year there will be one or two shivering mums or dads who get to the end of hanging their outdoor christmas lights, only to find that their lights have stopped working after 11 months of storage. Avoid the disappointing look on your kids’ faces and check each set of lights before you begin.


These days, there are a few options available for fixing your outdoor christmas lights to your home. Nails aren’t usually the best choice, and will tend to become a permanent fixture once the lights come down in the new year. Outdoor decorating clips can be used to hang string lights from several fixed points. These can be stuck to wooden or uPVC surfaces, such as window frames or gutters. Another option is gutter hooks, which are a popular choice for a quick installation and can be easily moved. To use either of these options, just make sure that whatever you attach them to will be strong enough to take the weight. Most large DIY stores will stock the fixtures you require. Local stores to the Hertfordshire area include B&Q in Watford and St Albans.


Once your lights are hung, have a final check of the result. Take a step back and admire your work – are the lights evenly spaced? Do any bulbs need replacing? Make any adjustments necessary to ensure your outdoor Christmas lights are looking their best. Once you’re done, take some time to relax and warm up before taking on your next festive prep task!

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