We here at AJ Scutchings and Sons will walk you through some of our most commonly asked questions surrounding cast iron gutters in our handy blog below!


How Heavy are Cast Iron Gutters?


Cast iron gutters are bulkier than uPVC gutters, which is probably unsurprising. Yet, rather than being a drawback, the heavier material means that these gutters are resilient and durable. These heavier gutters will not pull where they are anchored, and they require no more maintenance in comparison to gutters made of other materials as long as they are consistently maintained.


Won’t Cast Iron Gutters Rust?


Gutters are subjected to a great deal of moisture.  Considering this, you may be concerned that a cast iron gutter will rust faster than an uPVC gutter over time. Cast iron gutters, on the other hand, can withstand a lot of moisture and, if checked periodically, can last much longer than uPVC.


Why Should I Pick Cast Iron Gutters?


Cast iron gutters not only look wonderful, but they may also match the character and legacy of your building in a manner that a plastic guttering cannot. There’s really no reason why your cast iron gutters can’t last over half a century if treated properly. Cast iron can survive harsh weather and will last you for years to come.


How Easy Are Cast Iron Gutters To Repair?


Cast iron gutters are extremely simple to care for and repair. You can check out our blog on how to care for and maintain your cast iron guttering system. If you’re concerned about the environment, cast iron gutters are 100% recyclable if you decide to replace them later.


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