Cast Iron Guttering in Camden

Since it was first laid out as a residential district in 1791, Camden has been home to cast iron architectural fixtures and fittings including guttering, gates and fences. During it’s first years of renovation in Georgian England, Camden set itself out as an architectural gem, with even the most basic properties having cast iron features.

But what can be seen as an old fashioned approach to guttering has in-fact been proven to provide many benefits that cannot be found within other guttering systems. Cast iron guttering, unlike standard plastic guttering, substantially reduces the risk of leaking and showing worrying signs of wear, meaning that you can rest easy knowing that your roof will last. The life span of cast iron guttering can exceed 100 years, increasing the value of your home whilst complying with all British Standards Specifications ensuring the conservation of your homes aesthetic integrity. In addition, cast iron guttering looks stunning when mixed with a range of exterior styles and designs.

With over thirty-five years experience in the cast iron guttering industry, here at AJ Scutchings and Son we use a range of Saint-Gobain Pipelines which meet British Standards Institution guidelines providing the standard ranges of half round gutter and circular downpipe system. Our range of guttering systems are truly unbeatable, and have been proven to expertly stand the test of time against a wide array of difficult weather conditions.

Cast iron guttering is ideal for Camden customers seeking a durable and versatile guttering system for their property. By following the correct installation and maintenance procedures, your guttering has the potential to last for over 50 years. If you think cast iron guttering could be the best guttering solution for your home, do not hesitate to contact AJ Scutchings and Son by calling 07778 188 952 at your earliest convenience. We can tailor cast iron guttering solutions to suit your specific needs.

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