Aluminium Guttering in Bedford

Here at AJ Scutchings and Son, we have been providing exceptional workmanship and advice to our Bedford customers for over 35 years. We have specialist experience and knowledge in roofing and guttering, meaning that if you are considering aluminium guttering for your Bedford home then you have come to the right place. You can hear more about what our customers have to say on our testimonials page.

Aluminium guttering as a premium alternative to plastic guttering

When your guttering begins to drip and crack, it can be easy to turn to cheap, plastic guttering to replace your worn out drainage system. Whilst it has its place at the more economical end of the market, it does bring its own limitations. Plastic guttering offers a far shorter lifespan than our aluminium guttering, whilst being much more fragile and non-biodegradable. It also offers very little aesthetic charm, emanating a cheap, budget feel.

Marley Alutec guttering

We have been providing Marley Alutec guttering for our Bedford based customers for years. The Marley group is one of the UK’s largest aluminium guttering, plumbing, and drainage companies, and they have used their knowledge and experience to create some of the most innovative and long-lasting guttering systems available.

A worthwhile, long-lasting investment

Aluminium guttering has a life expectancy of at least 50 years, meaning that your investment for your Bedford home will continue giving back far into the future. Aluminium is corrosion resistant, recyclable, and most importantly, highly durable. This means that even the harshest of conditions won’t be too much for your aluminium guttering to handle.

Bedfordshire specialists

Based in Bedford ourselves, we know the area and the buildings well. As your local guttering specialists, you can put your faith in us to provide you with outstanding aluminium guttering as well as exceptional service and advice. Alutec guttering comes in several different designs that suit different buildings and budgets. We even offer a traditional styling that is indistinguishable from cast iron guttering.

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