Winter may seem like a bad time to embark on any impending roof restoration tasks on your list. However, there are some maintenance checks and reviews that are essential to undertake during the early winter months to ensure no serious damage occurs in the bad weather.

Here are our tips for helping your roof survive the season of winter.

Guttering Maintenance

Regularly inspect your guttering for damage in winter, particularly from ice, snow and excessive water. This might be blockages in the guttering, or damage from debris that has become lodged in the gutter, such as branches.

Guttering damage can be repaired quickly in the winter on a dry day. Whether it needs sealing, a patch repairing or replacement, get it done sooner rather than later as guttering plays a big part in keeping your roof dry and draining away water. By keeping a close eye on your guttering during the winter, you can fix problems before they cause any damage to your roof or the interior of your home.

Take Care of Your Roof Tiles

Wind damage is a big cause for roof restoration requirements in winter. Keep visually assessing your roof from afar to see if there are any missing or broken sections. By not fixing these, you can leave the interior of your house open to the elements, which can lead to internal damage and leaks. It is best not to try any form of repair yourself, especially in winter, as a roof restorer will be able to use the right equipment, clear debris and be safer when doing quick repairs.

Stay Prepared in Advance

Regular inspections and booking in for a colour coating application will be a great way to give your roof the extra armour it needs to get through the winter. Roofs will inevitably weather over time, but you can improve their shelf life by taking necessary precautions for winter weather damage.

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