What is a Listed Building?

Conishead Priory near Ulverston

Buildings considered to have ‘Special, architectural or historic interest,’ are often selected to be listed. What this means is that properties that mark key points in history, are the work of profound architects or still stand in conditions close to when it was built will be protected from certain types of modification. It also means that renovations and maintenance will need to be approved before the work can be carried out. This is called Listed Building Consent or LBC.

Historic England is the organisation that chose which buildings will become listed. When making their decision, certain elements are taken into consideration. Both historic and architectural interest are taken into consideration, close historic association or group value and age and variety are all important considerations.

  • There are certain criteria for listing buildings, we have put together a quick guide to whether your building is or should be listed.
  • All buildings built before 1700 which survive in anything like their original condition.
  • Most buildings of 1700 to 1840, though selection is necessary.
  • Between 1840 and 1914 only buildings of definite quality and character, including the principal works of the principal architects.
  • After 1914 only selected outstanding buildings.
  • Buildings that are less than 30 years old, if they are of outstanding quality and under threat.
  • Buildings less than 10 years are not listed.    

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