Tips for Preparing Your Roof For Spring

an image of a blossom tree to accompany AJ Scutching and Son's latest blog, offering tips for preparing your roof for spring

With the promise of warmer days finally ahead of us, it could be time for you to turn your attention to the condition of your roof. Winter is often a trying time for roofs around the United Kingdom – with inclement weather such as rain or snow battering your rooftop regularly, there are a number of measures that should be considered when preparing your roof for spring. As roofing experts, AJ Scutchings and Son are acutely aware of what to look out for when preparing your roof for spring, and have therefore listed below tips to keep in mind when examining your roof this month.

Inspect your gutters
From the safety of the ground, examine the gutters attached to your house. Are they pulling away from the roof? Is water pooling around the foundations of your home? We covered what you should look for when studying your gutters in a previous blog, titled ‘How to Know When Your Home Needs New Gutters.’ But why is inspecting your gutters so important when preparing your roof for spring? A broken or defective guttering system is an inexpensive replacement if caught before any major problems are caused. However, if your gutters aren’t inspected and remain damaged for too long, the water which should have drained away will instead make its way to the ground and expand the soil, thus disturbing the foundations of your home. Replacing the foundations is very expensive, time consuming, and adds no curb appeal or value to your home. You will essentially be throwing money away on a problem that is easily solvable.

Examine the tiles and shingles
Have any tiles fallen or become dislodged from their place on your roof? If all your tiles aren’t in place by the time spring rolls around, your roof could be vulnerable to harsh bouts of weather or by animals attempting to infiltrate your attic. Should you find your tiles have been uprooted from their original place, contact a roof contractor as soon as possible to ensure that your roof is in perfect condition for the upcoming spring and summer months.

Clean your attic
When conducting your annual spring clean, don’t neglect the attic! Not all roof damage will be visible from the exterior of your home. Head up to your attic for a clean and, whilst dusting, carefully inspect the area for any signs of leakage, wet insulation strips, or cracks that have appeared in the walls of your home. These issues will all need to be tackled quickly by a professional company before your attic, and thus roof, is exposed to all whole host of problems.

AJ Scutchings and Son work tirelessly all year round to provide an expert roofing service to our customers throughout the Bedfordshire area. If you’re preparing your roof for spring and wish for a professional roofer to come and survey your roof to spot any potential problems, do not hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience by calling 07778 188 952. We look forward to hearing from you soon!