There are now more guttering options than ever before, making it difficult to pick which is the best solution for your home. With aluminium guttering becoming increasingly popular, we thought we’d help you out by outlining some of the benefits of going with a metal system.

Low Maintenance

The minimal maintenance element of metal guttering is one of its most enticing qualities, as aluminium and cast iron guttering systems have a 25-year and 50-year life expectancy, respectively.

Aluminium guttering has an amazing resistance to the weather and can withstand more UV light exposure than plastic, so it is unlikely to require regular maintenance, saving you money. One of the main reasons for the rise in demand for aluminium guttering is the ease with which it can be installed and then forgotten about.

Seamless Technology

Seamless gutters are formed of a single, continuous metal strip. In contrast, sectional guttering is made up of small parts that are connected together to make a single continuous piece of guttering.

The benefit of seamless guttering is that it eliminates the need for joints, lowering the risk of leaks dramatically. Because seamless gutters are formed of a single piece of metal, the complete structure is extremely sturdy and long-lasting.

Eco Friendly

The fact that aluminium guttering is recyclable is a significant selling feature in this day and age, when everyone is trying to be more ecologically responsible. Cast iron gutters require fewer raw resources than the alternatives, and an increasing number of metal gutters are made from recycled materials.

As previously said, the fact that aluminium guttering lasts longer and is more durable implies that it won’t need to be fixed or changed as frequently, preventing the usage of other materials.

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