How to Tell if You Need a Roof Restoration

Eager to check the health of your roof, but unsure what to look for? If your roof is of a certain age, or displays any signs of wear and tear, then roof restoration may be necessary. Here, we take a closer look at the tell-tale signs, and at which of them could require further action.

1) Age

As with everything in life, roofs age. They show it, too, and are not immune to the passing of time. Generally, if yours is between ten and fifteen years old and requires frequent repairs, it’s probably time for a more complete, holistic approach in the form of roof restoration. Paying for a one-off restoration will work out a lot cheaper than constantly reaching into your pocket for isolated repairs.

There are visual clues that your roof is ageing, too, such as sagging, corrosion, and damage to tiles. Materials deteriorate over time, so all of these clues could point to the necessity for restoration.

2) Indoor visuals

It is worth inspecting your roof from the inside every so often. To do so, you’ll need to go into the loft and look for several tell-tale signs:

  • Dark spots from water damage
  • Light coming in from the outside
  • Any noticeable sagging

If any of the above signs are present, you may need to consider roof restoration. If you’re in any doubt, contact a roofing specialist.

3) Outdoor visuals

In addition to inspecting your roof from indoors, we would advise that you also look from the outside. To do so, you will likely need a ladder and to be extremely careful when walking or standing on any roof.

Signs to watch out for from the outside include

  • Gutter damage, or damage to downpipes
  • Signs of mould or rot
  • Worn or damaged roof valleys
  • Curled or worn shingles

You should also pay close attention to any pipes, chimneys, or vents. Any area, in fact, where the roof has been re-sealed should be checked for wear and tear or more serious damage.

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