How to Prepare Your Roof for the Autumn

an image of colourful leaves sitting upon grass

Throughout the year, your roof is subjected to a wide range of weathers; the blistering cold, battering from heavy rain, the hottest of days. As we are now well and truly into the autumnal season, it could be time to ensure that your roof is fully prepared for the months ahead. If you act to resolve roofing issues early and remain vigilant through autumn, you are taking the necessary precautions to make sure that you are ultimately minimising the chance of irreversible roof damage. Below, AJ Scutchings and Son have detailed three key measures that you can take in order to best prepare your roof for the autumn months.

Clean the gutters
It is integral that your gutters remain clear throughout autumn in order to maintain an effective water-drainage system for your property. Debris such as fallen leaves could accumulate within your guttering system and clog up the gutters, meaning that rainwater will not be able to flow freely. By ensuring that your gutters are cleared regularly throughout the autumn months, you are significantly decreasing the chances of mould growth or pest infestations.

Survey your roof
During autumn, be sure to inspect your roof to check that all tiles are still in place. If you cannot safely climb onto the roof, use binoculars to scan the roof from ground level. Check the gutters also – if any are visibly pulling away from the roof, it could indicate that the fascia boards have rotted or they are in need of a replacement. You can find more information about noticing gutter damage in our previous blog.

Seal any holes to discourage animals
An additional way to prepare your roof for the autumn is to seal any holes you discover within the foundations of the roof. Wildlife will seek shelter in warm, dark places to hide from the changing weather, and if your roof is damaged, animals may be able to get into tight places and burrow within your roof. Seal any holes that have appeared over the year to negate this possibility with sealant, and contact a roofing company to make this temporary fix permanent.

Should you discover an issue when surveying your roof that cannot be fixed easily, do not hesitate to get in contact with AJ Scutchings and Son. Our team have the expert capabilities to provide solutions for your autumn roofing problems, or offer impartial advice and guidance on how best to prepare your roof for the autumn. Give our team a call at 07778 188 952 to find out more today.