How to Maintain Your New Guttering


Whether you have chosen aluminium guttering, or decided that cast iron guttering is right for you, it is important to now understand how to maintain the high quality of your new purchase. With some careful and considered maintenance, your new guttering will continue to be of a high quality and exceptional performance for years to come. Below is a step by step guide on how to efficiently and effectively clean our your guttering.

1. Set a routine, first, to ensure you never leave it too long in between cleans. We would advise to clean out your guttering at least twice a year – once in spring and once in autumn.

2. Gather your equipment. You will need a ladder, some gardening gloves, a container for the debris, a garden trowel or rake, and a hose.

3. Set your ladder in arms reach of the corner downspout. Ensure that when climbing the ladder you hold your sharp tool in your hand, rather than placing it in a pocket.

4. Using the trowel or rake, pull the material away from the downspout, towards you. Be sure that you are not letting any debris fall into the opening of the downspout as this could cause a nasty clog.

5. Pull out the debris with your gloved hands or your equipment, depending on which you find easiest. You can either now drop the debris onto a carefully laid sheet on the floor, or take up a bag or bucket with you.

6. Descend the ladder, move, and repeat. Never stretch yourself too far whilst doing this – safety is more important than speed in this task.

7. Once you have cleared a full length, grab your hose and spray down your guttering. Now is the time to go over it with a wire brush to ensure it is well cleaned and touch up your guttering with some paint to keep it in it’s best condition.

Once you have repeated this on each side of your house, your guttering will be restored to a wonderful condition and won’t be at any risk of getting clogged and causing your expensive problems down the road.