How Metal Gutter Installations Can Improve Your Home

an image of a metal gutter installation on a traditional home

Since the Romans brought rainwater systems to England, the technology has been lost and re-introduced with many, infamous applications and even requests from King Henry to help protect the Tower of London. Since then though, metal gutter installations have been the most popular option for rainwater management of homes, until the recent introduction of plastic systems.

At AJ Scutchings and Sons, though, we understand the benefits of metal gutters – specifically, cast-iron and aluminium, so we are championing the resurgence of these classic systems.


As is true with anything that is metal vs. plastic, the premium example is likely to be the metal one. This runs parallel with guttering as metal gutter installations offer a far superior appearance to their plastic counterparts: especially when paired with a period property.

The traditional and classic appearance of metal gutter installations elevate the premium appeal of a property’s facade and can add an extra element of quality, increasing the kerb value and generally outshining the plastic gutters of the neighbours.


Metal gutter installations are a larger investment than plastic guttering, naturally. The materials are more expensive and their installation can – at times – be more complex. This marginally larger initial cost is offset, though, by the additional property value metal gutters can offer and the decreased need for maintenance and replacement.

Plastic is not as strong and resistant as metal, it’s a fact, and this matter is transferable to guttering as plastic gutters often come with a respectable 10-year warranty, but metal systems can offer warranty in excess of 35 years. With some simple addition, the estimated lifetime of a plastic gutter is often over three times shorter than a metal alternative, and the gap in expense is certainly not this extreme.

Over to you

Metal gutter installations are an ideal option for traditional, modern and classic homes, coming in a variety of colours and styles to match any aesthetic. The additional material quality and visual appeal are certainly worth the slight extra cost, so the choice is now yours.

AJ Scutchings and Sons

At AJ Scutchings and Sons, we offer a range of guttering services that include the installation of cast-iron and aluminium gutters. Our products are also manufactured at a site in Telford that has been producing guttering for over 100 years, so we have reputability and history on our side.

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