We at AJ Scutchings and Son are aware that there are numerous roofing myths and misconceptions that need to be dispelled. Because your roof is one of your home’s most vital structural components, it’s critical that our roofers in Bedford, Stevenage, and Camden help to refute these misunderstandings before any damage is caused.

1) I can replace my roof myself

We’ve all seen the skits on comedy shows where someone is intent on fixing their roof themselves. We’ve also all seen how it tends to end with them falling off of the roof, hammering a nail into their thumb, or even injuring the person helping them. So, it is best to avoid doing the work yourself if you are not properly prepared or trained. Hiring professionals will also benefit you in the long run as they are more capable of installing a roof that will last, and can do more involved jobs beyond re-shingling such as replacing joists and underlayer.

2) I only need to replace my roof if it is leaking

This is a very common misconception. Just because there is not any visible leaking or damage does not mean that there are not any issues, just that there may not be any issues visible to the naked eye.

3) A new roof doesn’t need any maintenance

Unforeseen damage can befall any roof regardless of how old it is so it is important to be up to date with any and all maintenance and repairs even with a newly installed roof.

4) Getting a professional is too expensive

Trained professionals are very adept at noticing underlying issues that may become much bigger problems in the future. So, hiring someone to fix or maintain your roof may benefit you financially in the future by catching and correcting potentially troubling points of damage before it evolves and becomes more difficult to address.

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