Advantages of Cast Iron Guttering

Here at AJ Scutchings & Son, we understand which kinds of guttering work best. With that in mind, our latest blog details the advantages of cast iron guttering, helping you to differentiate between the many options available.

The aesthetics, longevity, ease of maintenance, and eco-friendly nature of cast iron guttering make them a fantastic option from a number of perspectives.

Aesthetic appeal

The timeless look of cast iron guttering means it works on a whole host of houses. Used as readily in Victorian England as it is now, cast iron guttering fits in perfectly to both old properties and new. Some of the earliest examples of cast iron in construction are traceable to the fifteenth century, so the material has become a mainstay of the British construction industry.


Another advantage of cast iron guttering is its longevity; you need not worry about the structure only lasting a few years. The general “life expectancy” of these systems is around fifty years, with certain fittings lasting double that. Due to cast iron’s strength and robust nature, it more than rivals its competitors in the guttering field.

Easy to maintain

Upkeep is an important consideration for anyone looking to renovate a building, and cast iron gutters are extremely easy to maintain. They require minimal attention and need only be cleared of debris and checked periodically – many other materials require a much more active approach following their installation.

We would, however, still advise that you do keep on top of your guttering; for a full overview of our recommendations, see our maintenance guide.

An eco-friendly option

Looking after our planet has, rightly, become much more of a focus over the past ten years. Iron ash expelled during the oxidation process promotes healthy plant growth, while the materials used during manufacture are also 100 percent recyclable.

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