Sooner or later, a roof repair will be necessary regardless of preventative roof care. To minimise roof damage, it is helpful to understand what the most typical causes are.

1) Weather

Extreme weather conditions, be that intense heat, wind, snow, or rain, can have lasting effects on your roof. Consistent exposure to any of these types of weather, without maintenance or repair, can lead to loosened tiles, and exposed timber and insulation, effectively leaving your roof damaged.

2) Age

Even a roof that has been expertly built will ultimately start to show symptoms of ageing. It might be old, frail, and fragile. It might also be past the warranty’s expiration date, in which case investing in a new roof might be a better decision than making constant, regular repairs.

3) Water damage

Water can start to erode the roof covering, causing dampness within the house and a host of issues, including the formation of mould.

4) Poor installation

When wanting to have your roof fixed, you should have a licensed expert evaluate it. Any potential issues can be stopped faster if damage is discovered as soon as possible.

It is important to never climb onto a roof by yourself or attempt to fix leaks if you are not trained to work at heights. This could result in much more roof damage, void any insurance claims, and is most importantly extremely risky. Therefore, the advice to all homeowners is to consult a roof repair expert to prevent any prospective flaws.

5) Debris

Fallen leaves, twigs, and other natural debris can get caught in the gaps between roof tiles. If left there for long enough, exposed to the elements, this can quickly turn to mulch, keeping your roof moist, eventually leading to rot.

6) Animals

Animals such as birds, squirrels, and mice can all contribute to damaging your roof. Whether through nesting, foraging, or other means, animals can accelerate the usual wear and tear your roof undergoes.

7) Unmaintained gutters

Your gutters are intended to direct water flow away from your roof, but if they are clogged with debris or badly maintained, the water may clog and seep onto your roof. This over time may result in rotting spots on your roof.

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