We are all aware that properly maintaining our roofs is important as it helps us to avoid major damage, and therefore, major expenses further down the road. But just what should we all be looking out for? We here at AJ Scutchings will discuss the four most common roofing issues in our blog below.

1) Roof Leaks

Roof leaks can be caused by a variety of factors, including cracked shingles. Leaks are most likely to occur at the chimney, gutters, flashing points, skylights, and close to vents or pipes.

2) Damaged Shingles

If a shingle is missing in part, it is advised that you install a new shingle as soon as possible because it works as a moisture entry point. Shingles can be damaged if they are not carefully put together or fastened on the margins correctly.

3) Flashings

Flashings are vital because they keep water away from components that could be damaged by damp. It functions as a seal around ventilation systems, pipes, and chimneys, preventing moisture from entering your property. This roofing issue can be readily avoided if they are carefully installed from the start, as they can quickly come unattached otherwise.

4) Clogged or Damaged Gutters

If you don’t keep your gutters in good working order, they may lose their vital ability to drain water away from your home’s structural base and so maintain its integrity. You shouldn’t take shortcuts when it comes to gutter maintenance; otherwise, debris could accumulate in the gutters, causing mould and mildew to grow beneath the roof.

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