Gutters are an important feature for every home. In Britain, we are well accustomed to the rain, and proper guttering acts as the first line of defence against a downpour. By directing water away from your home, gutters protect from structural damage, outbreaks of mould, flooding and more.

Gutters are always exposed to the elements. Naturally, debris can build up and create blockages that could result in problems for your home. Let’s take a look at some clear signs that indicate your gutter needs cleaning.


If you look up and see plants sprouting from your gutter, it’s a definite sign your guttering needs some care. It’s not uncommon for seeds to be blown into your gutter and get trapped. Gutters are cold, damp areas, and some forms of plant life thrive in this kind of environment. Vegetation can cause enormous issues to the water flow in your gutter, and is often a sign of other blockages too.


Blocked gutters are an attractive place for some wildlife to make nest. Birds especially like to take advantage of the high space, and often the debris is made up of leaves and plants that provide a tasty treat for certain types of pests. This in itself can cause other problems, as these pests may reproduce and even find a way into your home.


Perhaps the clearest sign your gutter needs cleaning is water splashing over the side. Gutters are designed to allow the smooth and steady flow of large amounts of water to the drainage system. If you notice an overflow, even in heavy rainfall, it’s likely that there is something blocking the water’s path. It could also be a sign of poorly designed or fitted gutters. If that’s the case, we can help you with our high-quality cast iron and aluminium guttering.

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